BIO – biodegradable, compostable (EN 13432)

One of our major goals is dynamic development of our company to use bioresources. Not only do we aim for production from plastics obtained from recycling but also from BIO materials. For this reason, we have modernised our machine park and bought new equipment for that production and to extend our product range.

Thanks to that, our next and crucial products are:

BIO FILM – biodegradable, compostable

We produce it as: sleeve, half-sleeve, tape

Technical parameters:

width: from 200 to 1,800 mm

thickness: from 12 to 150 micron

BIO BAGS – biodegradable, compostable

Technical parameters:

width: from 200 to 1,700 mm

length: from 480 mm to 6,000 mm


Bags can be printed with a special paint that meets EN 13432 European Standard.

The raw materials used in production meet the following standards: EN 13432, ISO 17088 for compostable plastics.

The standard in force in the USA in this regard is ASTM D6400.