Machine park

Since 2013, the dynamic growth of PAM-FOLIE has allowed us to reach a production capacity of 3,600 tonnes annually. However, our progress does not stop here, as we want to offer even a wider product range to our customers and establish new business partnerships.

As of today, we produce:

LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, BIO films and plastic bags, plastic sheet for painting and construction works, but our key products are goods made out of recycled materials.

The purchase of state-of-the-art roller machines allows us to produce bags with a double bottom seam.

To produce our films, we use extruders, mainly AB and ABA two-layer machines, which make the films strong, durable, and of highest quality.

All our film is produced with extruders equipped with g/m extrusion control and a TSM system for precise component dosing to obtain the desired film thickness in every batch and in every colour.